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   Brahms: Vier ernste Gesänge op. 121

   Sargent/BBC-Orch;1949/12.1.;BBC life

 1 One thing befalleth the beasts and the sons of men

 2 So I return’d and did consider

 3 O death, how bitter art thou

 4 Trough I speak with tongues of men

 5 Händel: Admeto How changed the vision

 6 Händel: AtlantaLike as the love-lorn turtle

   Händel: Ottone

 7 Come to me,soothing sleep

 8 Spring ist coming

 9 Bach, J.S.: Cantate Nr.11 Ah, terry yet my dearest saviour

   Bach, J.S.: Matthäus-Passion

10 Ah! now is my saviour gone

11 O gracious god .. if my tears be unvailing

12 O Golgatha! .. See the saviour’s outstretched hands

13 Have mercy, Lord, on me